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The most important thing to be successful in e-business is to be at the top of the search engine impressions . How to do it? SEO tools come to the rescue. There are many tools that positioners use, including: Ahrefs, Senuto, Semstorm, ASPS, SurferSEO, Google Analytics, Google Search Console. Much emphasis should be placed on researching key phrases. SEO activities also include: website indexing audit and indexing efficiency improvement.

Key phrases:

  • branded

  • general

  • long tail

  • typically informative

  • Brand key phrases

    usually refer to a unique company name. The unique name is easy for Google to match to the page. However, when the name of the company is similar or the same as the name of another activity, then achieving the first position in search engines requires taking appropriate actions on the brand phrase. (example of a brand name - GOJAMA)

    General phrases

    are the most difficult to position, these are popularly searched phrases. They are good for large companies, smaller entities should focus on other solutions that are more effective for them. (example of a general phrase - positioning)

    Long tail phrases

    they are more precise and should be the focus of smaller actors. They detail products or services, have less competition, and there is a great variety of them. The number of searches is lower than the number of general phrases, but the probability that the user finds the page is much higher. (example of long tail phrase - Gojama positioning services)

    Information phrases,

    which are used to generate traffic to the website using them on Social Media. (example of an informational phrase - Pomeranian Voivodeship)

    Site indexing audit includes:

  • checking if Googlebot has problems with the availability of the website
  • finding pages that should not be indexed
  • checking if some elements of the site require faster indexing
  • increasing the efficiency of website indexing
  • preventing your site from being indexed too often
  • Methods of increasing the indexing efficiency:

  • URL resource management
  • consolidation of duplicate content
  • blocking the crawl of URLs that should not be indexed
  • setting the return code 404/410 in the example of permanently deleted pages
  • removal of apparent 404 errors
  • sitemap update
  • avoiding long redirect chains
  • smooth page loading
  • site indexing monitoring
  • Crawl budget:

    he number of pages or URLs from your site that Googlebot, after taking the Crawl Rate and Crawl Demand into account, is allowed to crowd. In order for Googlebots to find and index pages easily, a sitemap is created. The Site Search Settings in Google Analytics is used to optimize indexing by Google.

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